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Vous ne souhaitez pas donner votre véritable adresse? Utilisez un e-mail temporaire. Sans inscription, valide 60 mn. cs.email a déjà reçu 12,146,115,841 e-mails, dont 59,062,129 étaient valides et acheminés, détruisant 12,087,053,712 courriers indésirables (106349 e-mails mis en quarantaine par heure)
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cs.email can be used for file sending! This service is in beta; features may change at any time. To start, the limit is 150MB per email.

    max upload/email: 150mb, deleted after 24h. By using this service, you agree to the Terms of Service Attention: As countermeasure against spam, the following header will be added to outgoing email: X-Originating-IP:[]

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